Design Dilemma – Decorating Angled Walls


Besides having access to vast resources, another common reason to hire a designer is to solve a problem. After moving into our new office in the Vermont Center, I had a design dilemma that needed to be resolved. A large angled wall in my quaint studio that had to be furnished. Painting the wall seemed like an obvious answer but lacked any sort of creative inspiration. The angled wall begged for a mural!

While thumbing through a recent issue of World of Interiors, I came across this great product feature that caught my eye. SurfaceView, a United Kingdom company that creates wallcovering using photography from major international museums. From florals to amphibians and other historical museum worthy images, the wallcoverings come in an array of style but with limited finishes. The standard is Satin smooth and for a bit more the Linen or Oriental texture are also available.


Though the standard Satin finish probably works better in more contemporary and modern interiors, I selected the Linen texture finish to provide more depth and limit the glare from the lighting above. The textured wallcovering also acts as a great contrast to the existing lacquered furniture in my office.

After doing more research online, I found the perfect mural for my studio, the Bull Bay.

In the end, SurfaceView’s product provides a significant value compared to the cost and visual impact. The scale of the wallcovering is perfect and completely thrilled with the outcome.

I highly recommend SurfaceView to anybody looking for a dramatic look for a great value. Beware, you might stuck on their site for hours.

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