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Legacy of Style
Award-winning San Francisco-based interior designer Emily Taylor’s aesthetic combines an astute sense of heritage with a fresh sensibility.

Growing up as a member two California founding families, Emily Pope Taylor had the good fortune to view, first hand, the Bay Area’s most exquisite estates. She credits those experiences, along with boarding school and travel, for cultivating her discerning eye. She notes, “On weekends and holidays at school I had the opportunity to spend time traveling around the East Coast to many of my friends’ homes, from Thanksgiving in Charlotte,North Carolina, to Spring vacation in Palm Beach. It gave me access to many different styles and was certainly the beginning of my “eye opening.” I also have two very chic aunts. One has had many homes around the country and in Mexico and the other lives in London. They are the epitome of the “traveled look” that takes many years to achieve.”

How did you decide to go into design?
I literally fell into the business. I have always enjoyed design and started to design interiors formy family. Suddenly, people started to approach me and hire me to design their homes. And it grew from there!

Design education?
No formal training besides basic drafting and color theory. I have a BA in Art History, which gave me the base and enabled me to look below the surface into not only the visual aspects, but the history behind objects and our surroundings.

Design icons you admire?
Nancy Lancaster, Tony Duquette, Elsie deWolfe, and Mariette Himes Gomez.

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